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Aiming to create a new academic field through the university-based micro-planetary exploration project

Outline of Organization

  This research organization creates an interdisciplinary collaboration characterized by its academic excellence and variety, transcending the conventional scientific departments or facilities. Through developing the agile project to probe small asteroids, reinforced by superiority of the university, it contributes to extensive promotion of space science and technology, and cultivates next-generation human resources who strongly advance the flagship projects of Japan.

  The Graduate school of Science, the Graduate school of Engineering, and the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences are the core parts to form this collaborative research organization, where their activities in research and education in the field of space science and technology stay in the highest level in the world. The organization constructs a collaborative system on an equal footing not only with other domestic scientific organizations but internationally with overseas organizations, some of which could be industrial organizations as well. Through making the university‚Äôs activities more visible and palpable, it also aims to be a world center of space science and technology including development of ultra-small planetary probes.

To promote a more agile and flexible project for small planetary probes transcending the conventional framework of researches and to aim to eventually create novel scientific fields
To advance collaboration with industries, intending to establish collaborative frameworks with other Japanese and overseas research institutions on an equal footing
To educate students for them to enrich their talent endowed with academic excellence and variety so that they will play a leading role in future space science and technology