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Aiming to create a new academic field through the university-based micro-planetary exploration project

Purpose of the Project

What is Deep Space Education Program?

Students are expected to learn scientific significance of probing deep space (the moon and other celestial bodies located farther from the earth than the moon), to study on observational apparatuses, surveying various probe systems and current projects or missions based on combined concepts spanning over science (School of Science) and technology (School of Engineering), and to acquire knowledge on their basics and applications. They are thus educated to be able to explore novel fields related to deep space probe, talented with broad and flexible viewpoints. Students who completed the required credits are given Certificate of Completion confirmed by the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo.

Targeted students

・ Masters and doctoral students of the Graduate School of Frontier Science

・Students of other Graduate Schools are also eligible to take this course and are welcome.

Design of curriculum

The curriculum consists of overview lectures, practice courses, and some subjects selected from the standard subjects offered by the contributing Graduate Schools or Departments.

Requirements for completion of the program

・ Masters or doctoral students who want to complete Deep Space Education Program have to acquire not less than 8 credits among the offered subjects. The credits that were acquired in or before 2017 could be added to the above 8 credits.

Two credits earned from “Introduction to Deep Space Probe”, “Practice Course of Deep Space Probe”, or “Field Course of Deep Space Probe” must be included in the above 8 credits.

・Certificate of Completion are conferred by Dean of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences to students who completed the program.


・Students are requested to use UTAS to register each subject, which is the same process to register other standard subjects.

・For the students to receive various announcements, they are requested to contact the office below.

・Students are allowed to start and complete this program in any academic terms.

・ Certificate of Completion is granted to students at the end of the term when the program is completed by them.


Contacting us, please have access to:

Prof. SUZUKI Kojiro of Department of Advanced Energy, or Prof. YOSHIKAWA Ichiro of Department of Complexity Science and Technology

Inquiry here.

Symposiums of Deep Space Probe

Symposiums will be held in addition to lectures described above. The outlines of past symposiums are described here.